Friday, November 08, 2002

PRAISE YOU JESUS! I never knew concrete could be so exciting! I've just got back from working away this week to a cellar with real concrete lined dry floor! Ii's so flippin' exciting I could burst! Hey look, every line is ending in exclamation marks - it must be real! Seriously - the space down there just feels clear and fresh but tingling with expectancy for what is to come. My head's overloaded with ideas and thoughts and images... Walls still need cleaning and pointing and the extractor fan at the coal hole is still to go in. But check this out - I'm now sitting at the top of a FOUR floor house. GOD IS AMAZING! And this tingling expectancy is now going to get worse as tomorrow I go to Prague for 10 days to see Amy and Derek, the Jones family and Kim and all those beautiful people out there. I'm going to be praying whilst I am away!
Bless you far more than you could ever imagine.

and I'll still be blogging from Prague...


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