Tuesday, October 29, 2002

hmm, so here is the first oddshapedhouse (osh) blog. Never wanted to blog before, but recently things have been happening that have really lead me to believe this is the right thing to do. osh is a kingdom house in sheffield, england. we moved in a year ago and God has been growing it since (not literally of course, though that would be fun...). The vision is for a house that is so full of God's presence that it is a safe place for people to be real and find rest and refreshment, to be met by God with whatever they need whether they are walking in relationship with Him or not - to enter the kingdom space! It's a story of redemption as the house used to be full of junk and rubbish, broken boarded up windows and weeds accumulating outside. Then a builder bought it and did it up, and then I bought it. When I moved in it was painted head to toe in magnolia (a dirty cream colour) - not really the rainbow colours of the kingdom! So for the past year it has been steadily transformed into a stained glass window of colours and moods and spaces and love. So what's changing now, and why blog?
Apart from the fact that I currently have millions of thoughts runing round my head and posting them into the ether seems a very good idea, I think the space of osh is changing and starting to house new things. This week I have builders coming in to 'do' my cellar. I am cleaning off the walls and they are putting in a dry floor, there will also be lights and electri sockets added. The vision for this little room at the bottom of the house is a creative space for people to paint or play or pray or whatever comes from God to do. I've been so aware of this space brooding and waiting to be opened and now it is it feels as though there are fresh breezes starting to blow, new colours being seen, new songs being heard. And I think God wants room for the stuff that's happening here to be witnessed by others.
So God bless and let the dancing start to begin...