Sunday, March 19, 2006

under the cherry tree

hola! well, things here in methven are pootling along. at the moment we're considering where fran should do work placement, which should lead to a permanent job at the end of the 3 months. new zealand, australia and the USA are all possibilities so we're trying to sus out where we're supposed to be going. when we left england we really expected to be staying in NZ so it's interesting considering other options.

we've been exploring the local countryside trails and found one we really like which is a short walk up to some waterfalls. fran and I went a few weeks ago and had a good walk and enjoyed sitting next to mountain stream pools making dams and finding nice stones. after our walk we stopped at a cafe near the walk and had tea for two under a lovely old cherry tree whilst talkling over the possibilities for where we'll go.

it's also got chilly here! autumn has arrived - which is a wierd time for easter eggs to come out in the shops! we've started using our wood stove so have the lovely smell of woodsmoke in our house and a cosy warm lounge. the rest of the house is still freezing as there's big drafts around doors etc, but it's very homely none the less.

right'o, off to make cookies. last week I learnt that methven people take round baked goods when visiting other people's houses (or at the very least something from the shop) and I've been going round offering nothing but myself - shocking behaviour!