Saturday, October 20, 2007


well, this week we went back down to invercargill for fran's 3 week check up. a 5 hour round trip for a 5 minute appointment where a doctor we didn't know asked fran how his leg felt, and had a look at his scar. . . and that was it! I tell you, if we weren't getting fuel expenses I'd have been blowing steam out my ears when a telephone call or GP appointment would have sufficed. to make the day more interesting, as we approached invercargill the car started acting up and got progressively worse as we went through town to the hospital, to the point where it felt like the wheels were about the fall off as we drove along. after dropping fran for his appointment I found a local mechanic whole told me one of the CV joints had gone, but not to worry - lulu (the car) would take us back to queenstown, only if the wheels started wobbling to stop and put her in reverse and full lock and drive a bit to dislodge the stuff making her wobble. on the way back I got to complete this maneuver a number of times, though it was a good excuse to raz through some gravel in a general wide-boy kind of a way ;)

so here are some pictures from my time in invercargill, and the day before fran's accident - his birthday! invercargill is near the SE coast of the south island and generally known for it's minging dreary weather, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was mild, sunny and spring-like most of the week I was down there. it's also where burt monro was from, from 'the world's fastest indian', which if you haven't watched is an excellent film with anthony hopkins, and gives you a flavour for the 'southern man' as folk down in otago and southland like to be known.

a cheeky kea (alpine parrot) at the birdlife centre we visited on fran's birthday, these guys are super inquisitive and will check out anything they can lay their beak on... they particularly like rubber seals on cars and will fight over them with their mates!

highly over priced indoor golf, but good for a laugh, including lifts, gondolas, space rockets and a zillion tubes your ball might disappear down.

bizarre jack-in-the box eskimo on the volcano hole.

magnolia in blossom outside the old nurses quarters at the hospital

tres cute parrots at the avairies in queen's park

walk in aviary with budgies, cockatiels, dove, turtle dove and peacocks. amazingly after spending 20mins in there, nothing had landed, or fallen, on me!

dusk one evening walking home from the hospital

and finally - some art! although this one went wrong I now have a set of three in this theme I'm working on. I'm also doing some textile/machine embroidery work which I'm loving, and now that fran's much more mobile you'll hopefully be seeing photos of here soon.

fran's recovery is going well - he walks on crutches with 50% weight on the broken leg and has a heap of exercises to do to retrain his leg muscles which were pretty unused for 2 weeks. we have great physios and they're arranging a gym & pool pass for him which will really help with the rehab. the exercises and massaging takes about 5 hrs a day at the moment so there's not much sitting around going on. I'm hanging out for when fran can drive himself around so I have more time and flexibility for my own work!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

in the words of a good friend, 'oy vey'!
man, blogging after such a long absence is a bit of a ... well, it just takes some getting round to. since last posting fran turned 32, broke his femur the next day, had a helicopter ride, had an operation, spent a week in hospital 2.5hrs from QT, experienced a couple of earthquakes, came home from hospital rather immobile on crutches while I did a lot of running round and care for the lower leg region, got more mobile, had dan & emma visit (ah, blessed relief) then got a heinous cold that left me in bed and taking fran's codine whilst still looking after fran, got better and lo and behold around 4 weeks have passed with me barely even thinking about the computer let alone getting a chance to go on it!

fran in a cage - traction

for gruesome pictures and video footage of fran's misdemeanors, check out his webpage. frankly we feel huuaaaagely blessed a broken femur was the only injury - you'll get the idea if you watch the video - and this little break in the schedule has been a chance for us to stop and assess what we're doing and think about our plans.

I've found the whole thing quite draining and a little overwhelming! our friends in QT were hugely supportive from driving me the 2.5hrs to the hospital the night of the accident, arranging accommodation for me there, cleaning my house and stocking up my woodpile to phonecalls and prayers a plenty to keep us going. a complete stranger (friend of friend of friend) put me up who was very caring and lovely. after missing sleep the first few nights, being with fran at the hospital was actually quite restful (specially after they brought me the recliner chair when they found me sleeping on the floor!) compared to coming home and then getting ill whilst looking after fran. having your spouse in a major accident is pretty scary, without that minor addition of the hospital being 100ks from home, but having a Faithful God gave both of us great peace and help in the midst of this. and I'd really like to thank you for your messages and prayers for both of us, we really appreciate them and I'm sorry if I didn't reply to you in the middle of the craziness!

things are definitely on the up though, fran's mobility is really improving so apart from driving and carrying things he's getting quite self sufficient and physio sessions have been going well - we return on tuesday to the hospital for a follow up x-ray and clinic and hope to find the bone is mending well. in the meantime we get to work out exactly how to do life in the house together for a while and fitting in exercise & physio without driving each other nuts!

I'll be back soon with pictures... in the midst of everything we're having a torrential spring but still punctuated with plenty of sunny days - right now the magnolia's are in flower and smell amazing! ooh, and that beautiful baptism spa is good therapy for fran's mobility so I'm cultivating my freckles too!