Thursday, June 23, 2005

the lucky fox...

I have a new, amazing, wonderful car. when I'm in it I feel like I'm in a foreign country, and should be wearing odd clothes and have my hair in an extravagant hair-do. and the best thing about it is it's name - it's a polo fox! that's it's proper manufacturers name. it's a little 4 gear 3 door '93 polo, beautiful condition, dark blue paint. it just transports me somwhere else. on my way back from shopping on tuesday it took me out to the peaks and on a walk I've not done before, down past a river, through brackeny forest, past meadows of daisy flowers with heads bobbing and swaying in the breeze. last night we drove home through a dusky dark earth, the sky lit up with mellow sunset colours behind night blackened clouds to magical wierd austrian faerie folk dancing music. I want to go on a journey in it and see where it takes us. adventure awaits!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I really want to have this site sorted before I start posting, but knowing me that will take ages, so I'd better just get on with it seeing as manythings are happening.

so we're going to new zealand in november, intentionally for good. we just found out that I can apply for a 2yr working holiday visa after july 1st and there are unlimited places. I can work in any one place up to a year. that's really good news, as before it was 1yr visa, limited places and 3months to work anywhere. takes the pressure off getting my visa a bit.

also I'm having health issues yet again - the story bores me, but please pray for my general health as it is not so good at the moment. thanks.