Monday, November 11, 2002

This weekend I am hanging with Tall Skinny Kiwi and his family in Prague. Andrew, aforementioned tall skinny man, has just shown me how to do links properly and tidied up the site, which really is very kind seeing as I broke their toilet and almost flooded the bathroom this weekend.
Once again as I travel God has slightly different ideas of what He wants to show me, but it's all good if not slightly more challenging and stretching than I might like. Prague is cold and blustery and we had the first snow of the year my first night here, but there are those gorgeous splashes of golden sunlight betwixt the dark clouds that blows in that crisp fresh wintry fine walk feel. There's so much going on spiritually for me, but it is still growing to its full form so I feel pregnant with new teaching and growth and I really want to birth but it's not time - man I hate waiting!
hmm - there's more but I dont know what it is yet...
blessings to all the beautiful people at home - i love you guys


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