Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Man, I love it when people get passionate about God!

Well now that I have actually released into what God is teaching me about it has got much easier and I can find Him on the other side of my emotions. I really want to blurt out the stuff He's telling me about but it's not fully in its' fullness yet.

All around me people are home making - the Jones are painting (with this wierd paint that is chalk based and wipes off with water), Derek and Amy are getting furniture and making home, Bea and Andy have just moved in to their new home recently - it all seems to rhyme with what is happening in the odd shaped house at the moment. I can't wait to go home and finish the walls and get that space really activated.

Off to negotaite the tram now as the metro is still flooded from the summer, just as well I know God seeing as my Czech is a bit sketchy - He can hold my hand. It's very funny being the house of one of the blogs you normally read from afar - especially when that Tall Skinny Kiwi Andrew is mainly slandering me and the English - just as well I can hold my tongue about the kiwis eh Andrew?!


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