Wednesday, July 06, 2005

where is my worth?

yesterday I read round people's blogs, and as I did so I felt shallow and empty as people talked about what god was doing with them, where they were, what they were learning. I'm very good at pootling along in everyday life without stopping to be still. I talked to god about it and He said I don't stop because I'm scared to stop, because I'm scared of me, of who I am, and that I'm not good enough. don't stop, because then you'll have time to see yourself, and find that you are wanting. but then god told me, in a way that actually resonated with my heart, that it's not what I do that gives me value, it is who I am. I shouldn't invest in what I do, I should invest in who I am. that is the thing of value god gave me: myself. it is worth time, care, nurture and investment.


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