Tuesday, July 27, 2004

hello everyone! weel it took us a few weeks to get to an internet cafe as you may see.  is it weeks? we've really lost all ability to keep track of time on this trip. 
we are in norway, and it's flipping gorgeous.  sweden was pretty nice too, but that was just a little wander in some woods as we had lunch on our way to norway.  sweden has very nice smooth round stones with pines forest and bilberry bushes growing on top of it.  norway had endless endless forest that looks a little dull from the outside, just like a carpet on the looming hillslopes, but as soon as you step inside it's wonderful - quite open with moss and lichen and bilberry bushes, shades of green, moss green, pale grey green contrasting with bright reddy orange leaves here and there and warm orangy brown trees trunks that stretch up above your heads before the branches and pine needles start.  fresh and airy.  the fjords are downright impressive, and the waterfalls, in fact it's so impressive that you get a little immune to it after a while.  then I remind myself of my view in sheffield! 
we've been here just under 2 weeks.  went to otta for this kayaking festival, we actually made it, and it wa still on, only fran injured his shoulder the day before it started so we kind of got the impression that god didn' want fran compteting, only now there's no kayaking either, at least not on white water. so we've been focusing on us and what god is doing between us and with us.  which is always a lot.  i'd like a brek now but I don't think that's going to happen! we had a really fun day ina place called fl�m when we got the fl�msbahne railway to the top of a hill and back, with countless wonderful views on the way and a really really amusing stop where we all got off the train at a waterfall, only for tinny music to start playing and a girl dressed in red to appear on the waterfall, enacting the nymphs of legend who call people into the water.  very bizarre in this reserved beautiful culture.  people here stare, like much of europe we've visited, but then when they get close enough to smile or say hello, avoid eye contact so I'm left talking to myself.  they also ignore you driving, if you wait for a car to pass on the road thewy virtually look through you, very strange compared to our english politeness, but i think it's a shyness thing.
I had tonsilitis, which just felt like attack, but a doctor sorted me out for drugs and I'm ok now. 
we're in bergen at the moment, a fun town with lots of wandering potential.  today we're headin off south to stavanger where the 3,000ft rock overlooking a fjord is, fran itching to see (or be!) a base jumper going over the edge!
going to go now, hope you're all well, send us a text or email


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