Wednesday, March 19, 2003

well after a month's break, maybe this is the time to start blogging again...
I'm here in austin, texas, for 3 weeks including the wabisabi event/conference about [good and exciting] church and to spend some time out with the lord. I kind of understand why He stopped me from blogging - the past month or so of my life has been pretty hectic and full on and now I'm having a little time to sit back and relax and enjoy talking to god over coffee, sitting on park benches and soaking up sunlight, peace, teaching and love.
the neighborhood the appartment I'm staying in is great - lots of wooden houses painted bright colours - green and turquiose, porches and gardens with old sofas and chairs where people sit out and press their beer tops into the earth, chrome hub caps and fairy lights adorning the porches and beat up mustangs sitting outside on the road. take a walk down guadeloupe to get into town and go past community vegetable markets, vinatge clothing stores or the gym with a huge plastic arm lifting weights, veins popping out, advertising it's presence. past all my favorite coffee houses - spider house, painted purple and yellow with it's sunlight dappled back yard and old glider chairs to sit and swing on, - mojos, with it's quirky artisans concentrating on personal projects or sitting back chatting over iced mochas. I like austin and it's laid back vibe, plenty of shops to mooch in and out of looking at any variety of eye-candy goods.
god has been teaching me lots recetly and I hope to have time to reflect on it here. mostly it has been about faith and trusting in him. and a new kind of trust, not for the things which *you* think make sense, but for the things that *He* says make sense. not for the things you'd be happy with doing anyway, but for the things you find scary and really stretch your trust in Him. I took that step of trusting Him in the things I found most scary and I found after awhile that I could open my eyes again and stop screaming because, suprise, He's still trustworthy and still has good things for us. Even more so, I'm not sure I can think of a time in my life I've seen more direct and adundant blessings and the work of God. It's amazing. By releasing into His plans and giving Him my fears, the most wonderful things are happening. 'he guides me along right paths, bringing honour to His name' psalm 23:5 couldn't be more true at the moment - I have so much testimont to glorify God it's... oh I'm going to use that word again... AMAZING!
so from one who is getting a little bit dizzy on the blessings God has, I'm gonna go so I can calm down and, well to be honest, go buy a bikini! it may be raining in austin at the moment - but not for long!
(crikey,I hope I made *some* kind of sense)


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