Monday, December 16, 2002

I have to admit I am fascinated by the lord of the rings, and am stuck between the desire to be aragorn - a true warrior, and legolas - a mystic and healer, I even had an argument with neil at work about which one of us had the most right to be an elf. anways from bea and any's site I found this site which reveals my elvish name is alatariel elendil. spect it's pretty rubbish but I'd love to know what it means. so on wednesday I'm getting my hair done in my new warrior style for the two towers opening. I love that God's into everything that's in me, and one of them is a kick-ass warrior (like mr aragorn) and one of them is a mystic feeler type (like mr legolas) and God's really into me embodying those things. bring on wednesday and the kick-ass hair dying extravaganza!


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