Thursday, November 21, 2002

...ether this is october sierra hotel - radio silence has now ceased, operations are back to normal levels...

so the Jones' keyboard broke (no, it was *not* me) and most of the keys typed two letters instead of one so my blog would have looked like this - jhertrre oisamn iomn optrsahguire - maybe you can see why I didn't blog.

prague was good, a break in a being in a different environment kind of way rather than a lay back and relax kind of a way - but it was good to be away and now it's good to be back. God really continued teaching me whilst I was there. I realised as well that it's not just theory teaching but fully embodied in my life teaching - that realisation moment being a cross between scary and amusing as I thought about the scope of the things He's talking about. this might make more sense if I put it into context a little - my theology is being radicalized and it's all about how we relate to God and what our relationship with Him is like. I dont have finite beliefs or a full biblical base yet, but it's about why our relationship with God should always be good, and why life should be good even when you're having hard times - so living into this teaching is somewhat interesting and stretching.

the cellar is coming on - my coal hole is blocked in and ready for the fan. I'm still working on ways to clean the walls before I point and paint. the other job on the way is a new boiler. my house has this old-stylee back boiler in the lounge which puts hot water in a tank - it's expensive, there's only enough water for one bath, there is no shower and the tanks take up loads of room in the 'cosy' spare/elisha room - *so* it's new boiler time and allan the boiler dude is coming round to quote.

help - I've come back from prague saying 'dude' all the time, and have converted my vocabulary to american english but with a posh english accent - help me to speak normal again LORD, not to mention the emotional scarring from the anti-english jokes... really though thanks and blessings to the Jones, amy and derek and kim. more soon as now that I've fully landed back home my mind is whirring with little bits of stuff that make you go - hmm...


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