Saturday, November 23, 2002

the house is settling down for the night and now I'm waking up - why does that happen with these wierdos we call creatives? I used to be such a morning person, but for some reason everything starts forming together and flowing out of me just when I should be going to bed. Hmm.

Bea and Andy came round for tea tonight - I love them so much, and I love when people feel at home in your house and start getting things out of cupboards and poking around looking at your stuff, not that they did, but they could and I'd want them too. eh?

ok, so this is the thing - I'm so loved up on God (still - and not sorry either) - and the thing He showed me while I was in Prague was that the more I lean into Him for all I need the deeper my relationship gets with Him and it's so wonderful because I'm sharing more with Him rather than doing that classic 'chin up, you can cope business' all by my lonesome. This is really basic, but instead of reaching for the phone or whatever when I find myself stuck or worried or stressed or sad or even happy I'm reaching for God and guess what - He's always there! He is my support and strength and sense of humour, and all that I have in my life right now, literally *everything*, comes from Him so why would I start needing to be in control now? That's part of my big learning wonderment at the moment - everything comes from His grace already and He has enough grace for everything else that has come or is going to come in my life as well - man, I LOVE God!


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