Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Lordy I'm not very good at this keeping up to date business. Ho-de-hee. (which means 'oh well, nevermind' btw). Reason for the lack of blogging I suppose is because there's been a lot on - personally and in the house. I feel a kind of heaviness in the house, almost too much so, but God is getting ready to birth something and He's not real specific about what - but His promise gives me hope and encouragement to stay in it and not get overwhelmed. And personally I feel a call the the more contemplative way of life - more time set apart for God, prayer, fasting and solitude. It feels more and more like time with God is the only time worth having, and unless I know His purpose in what I am doing then there *is* no purpose in what I'm doing. I guess it's spending more time in communion with Him.
The cellar is dragging on - the electrician needs encouragement and my wall clearing process has culminated in... hammer and chisel! Yep, the big bits get taken off the old fashioned way, and then I have this new beastly looking thing for my power drill that is to gritstone walls as a loofah is to dry skin! Now that there's a proper floor in there and less dirt, the space can be occupied a bit more so I'm looking forward to music as I work, and beginning to douse the space in the music that cracks open the doors of heaven for me - Youki and Stephen Roach.


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