Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Christmas is here - apparently. I'm feeling muchos Christmassy as my family are having Christmas dinner 8th December as my brothers aren't around at Christmas. So I decided to bake mince pies for the first time. I've done two batches so far and they're improving. I really want to bless my mum this year and give her more of a break and start 'momming' myself and bake what I can for her. Does it mean you're getting older when you start baking things to take to your parents!

So I went to see Moby last night with amazing, radiatingly beautiful Han Stoney - one of those people who makes you feel like and want to be more of a good person when you spend time with them. So we got tickets to see Moby anyway and it was an amazing experience. It was the first time I've been to a concert of that sort and it was really something to see people on stage doing something they are passionate about doing. I was asking God about Moby, because he's rather an intense guy on stage, and God said it was because he really wanted to comminicate to people how he felt, so that they could really experience the feelings he has. I was thinking about worship leaders and normally that are just leading people into the presence of God, but if Moby was doing it he would also be communicating to people what it's about as well as leading them into an experience. There were some really bright lights on stage that shone so brightly you couldn't see him, and it really struck me that's what leading and communicating God is about - being a mirror for The Son so that what you reflect to people is God. Not explaining or convincing but reflecting God.


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