Monday, December 23, 2002

life feels fresh and full of opportunities. each moment is precious and rich. our days can be full and meaningful if we let them be. if we stop doing the meaning-less. life is about getting round to living. not dreaming about dreams, but living them out. not settling for mundanity but seeking out the extraordinary. god sees my dreams and helps me go for them. I want to let Him help me. I choose to choose the best things in life. I choose to let God help me do it, or tomorrow this dream of mine falls flat. accept nothing less than the fullest taste of any moment so that we emerge the other side enriched. know who you are in the light. rejoice in who you are and let others see it. be a child of haven living in the kingdom of heaven and invite others in from this cold world around us. be blessed by the Lord who has only riches and good things for you. enjoy life. savour moments. leave your own story.


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