Saturday, March 22, 2003

well yesterday was a hard day, although full of blessings. it was all about having to trust God and lean into His promises and the foundations He is laying, not relying on the transitory, momentray things. my image of leaving community in sheffield behind is like standing on the edge of a cliff holding hands with the people, and then when they go you suddenly feel like you're teetering over the edge until you realise that it was God;s hand you were holding onto all along. does that make sense? so it's icky whilst you're in that arms flapping feeling like you're going to fall place, but then you turn around and hold onto God and remeber it was Him in the first place. not fun, but a very worthwhile process to go through.
sorry about all the spelling mistakes - i have no patience to reread and alter before posting. if this really bugs you - pray!
masses of love!


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