Monday, July 18, 2005

big blue skies

I've just been out in my back garden, maybe enjoying it for the first time. lying on my back staring at the sky, house martins swooping over my head with a rush of air as the head for the eaves on our terrace. I love being outside. in the fresh air. in nature. seeing the sky. god took a whole day to make the sky, just the same as he took a whole day to make the land and all plants or all the sea and air living creatures. that's a lot of art just in the sky. when I think of my friends around the world, I think of the sky as our big link that travels between us and connects us. my sky is their sky.

we spent some of today planning our trip to new zealand - what to take, what to ship, what to sell, what to buy before we go and when we're there. it gave me hope and reminded me of all the things in us which god wants to give room and bring alive. fran's perceptive in a deep and quiet way. this week he said he's just not doing what he's supposed to be doing (the thing which brings him life) and it makes life harder. if I'm not doing what god has called me to, then the other things in my life become of greater importance to be a crutch and make me happy, when that's not their role. being myself and doing the right thing is what's going to make me happy, then other things can bring happiness in the right proportion. if you're relying on the wrong things to make you happy, it can often turn them sour. so I remind myself what I am supposed to be doing, and just that act alone makes me feel lighter and happier. I'm thankful that god knows what is best for me.


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