Monday, May 22, 2006

and the winner is...

so the rose 4x4 competition was for the most creative reason for rose's repose:

and the winner is greg mickelborough (fran's bro) with this explanation - 'Despite missing the drop zone, Rose felt she'd finally silenced Fran's constant questioning of her off-road ability.' rose is a pretty gutsy girl, so I like the image of her skydiving to show fran up, even if it she didn't quite land in the right place! now, in reality our mirrors were very condensed up and fran's reversing didn't go quite to plan but by the time we were on the wrong track there was no going back and rose got stranded on her bottom. plenty of people driving past thought this was pretty amusing and stopped to take pictures (nice!) but a 4x4 pulled us out of our predicament with as much ease as it'd take a pony to pick up a polo. quick solution and no damage to rose or the bike, thanks to her rear bars.


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