Thursday, June 01, 2006

my restorer

I went for a walk on my way back from bible study on monday morning. it was the same walk fran and I did soon after we arrived and I realised how much fitter, healthier and more robust I was feeling. walking at a good pace, clambering over rocks cause the river was flooded. felt great. I've also had coldy/sore throat syptoms but they've not developed into tonsilitis or fatigue which is real progress. thank you god.

I'm reading a great book at the moment called For Women Only by Shaunti Feldahn. it's about the stuff about men we as women normally don't intuitively understand, like what sex means to a man, what being 'visual' means and how a man needs respect (it communicates love...) it's really interesting as a man or woman to read. fran's going to read it after me. there's also a For Men Only book by the author's husband. there's lots of information from an extensive questionnaire she did and you can read more at I'd definatley reccomend it, even if your aren't a stereotypical man there's illuminating things in each chapter.


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