Tuesday, May 23, 2006

weekend blues

this weekend dan and emma andrews stayed with us. we had home cooked indian, now I can do aloo saag, and a great brunch at our favorite cafe in methven. dan, emma and I all had french toast with bacon, grilled banana and maple syrup - a real kiwiana dish. we went for a walk on the edge of the mountains and when we finished the sky was doing amazing moody & light things with a golden glow from the setting sun. this is us walking back to the car (this time I've not done any cheeky colour editing, it's the real deal). I'm also enjoying going through our old photos and editing the ones I like the most. I'm going to make sure our pics go to good use and get them printed up when we move into our new place in queenstown. this is fran feeling happy at the moeraki boulders on the west coast of the south island. they're spheres of stone around crystalline deposits that get eroded out of the coastal cliffs and sit on the beach looking pretty.

I've also put some more up on my art site so check it out...


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