Thursday, December 21, 2006

freckle fobia

a birdy drying itself on one of the many flooded jetties

I'm really glad lake wakatipu is starting to go back down. it was quite exciting to have a lake on the verge of flooding and my first stop in town was always the lake front to check the water level (we got about 50cm away from floating shops), but there are definate benefits to the water receding. yesterday I walked back from town along the lake track and for the first time in ages the rocky shoreline was exposed. even though it's only a couple of metres from the track in places, stepping off onto the shore is like entering a different world. not many people do it, and I love turning over stones and exploring the secret little places down there. in the winter you could walk all the way from our place into town right next to the lake (if you don't mind going through a few trees!) so here's to more wanderings and the lake going down further.

fran and I stopped for coffee today and I read an article in australian vogue that quite literally had me holding my head in my hands to stop it exploding... freckles again! this one was an article about light treatment to get rid of your freckles. I quote: 'there's nothing more depressing than a plunging neckline when your cleavage is as speckled as a wren's egg'. WHAT??? words literally fail me. in the dove campaign for real beauty, with ads like a photo of a woman in her 40's and a caption saying '40 and hot or 40 and not?', there's a freckley one with a really freckley young woman and the options are 'freckled or flawless?' - that's right, freckled apparently is a derogatory term here! CRAZY CRAZY WORLD!!

what's wrong with this picture?

and finally, we had a little faux christmas today as we got snow on the mountains. so we stuck on the amelie CD (the best festive music we could manage) and opened a present each... very nice. monday's meant to be fine and sunny so I'm glad we got one chilly faux-white-christmas present each!


Blogger bea said...

your freckles are beautious! we were so excited when robin first got a few freckles - very cute on his nose. God has recently shown me a vision-type-thing about glossy mags and their role in His kingdom. i'll send it you once i've written it out.

love you and your gorgeous freckles.

ps. what's wrong with the picture? you missed off your mouth!

Friday, December 22, 2006 2:35:00 am  

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