Monday, December 18, 2006

a real weekend off

fran actually had saturday and sunday off this weekend, and made great use of it by finalising the sale of rose on saturday when our buyer flew down from auckland. on sunday I went to church while fran had some time to himself, then we met for celebratory rose selling/it's christmas brunch at our favorite place - vudu. this was the view from our table, not quite capturing the funkiness and chilled vibe of the teeny outdoor courtyard. we had a really nice time together followed by a sit by the stream in the gardens and then some bouldering out by the remarkables with some people from church - which was fun for fran and frustrating for me as I didn't want to chance hurting my knee, so I was spectating :(

I have a few paintings on the go at the moment, the latest is up on my art site... other than that there's not much news, we're just pootling along doing our thing and working out what it is we need to be doing now to be the people in the places we want to be in the future!


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