Friday, January 13, 2006

now there's a plan...

fran's course starts next monday, 23rd january in methven. we went there at the start of this week to check it out and get an idea of what accomodation is available, which as it happens is not very much so we were quite lucky to go and get ourselves sorted. we're renting.... a backpacker's lodge! all to ourselves! as methven is a ski village, it's very quiet in the summer (now) so the lady wants to rest it for little fuss & work. so we have a very cool ex-vicarage funkyily painted sunny place to live. there's 4 bedrooms and we can have up to 2 lodgers which means I get an art room. and there's the huge lounge with wood burning stove and kitchen with 2 cookers, fridges, toasters, microwaves.... you get the idea. everywhere else we looked at was very characterless so we're quite chuffed with our deal. will get pics up in a week or so when we go back to methven.

meanwhile, we plan to cruise on down to queenstown to check it out as one of the potential places fran could work. I seem to have already decided I'll love it there so we'll see how it turns out in real life. big mountains and a big lake are already making it attractive, and that it's busy all year round with summer & winter sports.

I'm a little concerned I'm going to be sad and lonely when fran's off on his course and finding kayaking friends, but housemates will help. there's a few nice cafe's in the town. 1,000 people in the summer. and big big mountains in the background so maybe I'll become the roming painter and go on adventures in our funky little rose.

hope you's all well. jen x.


Blogger e said...

sparkeling jen and are you...glad you made it to NZ...want you to know that my friend dennis just arrived there and i think you guys would love him...he's great...i'll send him a link to your to you...hope you're having the best time...e

Saturday, January 21, 2006 5:38:00 am  

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