Monday, October 31, 2005

sunrise to sunset

today we car booted the rest of our belongings, the clock change making getting up at 6am a little less traumatic. as we drove to the m1 we were greeted by golden skies and the quiet of morning which blessed us both. car booting was less fun as we arrived and found out the 'indoor hall' was on the first floor and, fran's shoulder leaving him out of action, I had to carry most of the boxes up and then back down the stairs. still, we made brisk trade, helped no doubt by our bargain �1 and 50p prices. how glad I will be to visit the charity shops tomorrow to leave the odd assortment of unwanteds there. after baths and snoozes we woke up to an amber-pink sky as the sun went down and felt glimpses of new zealand's daily show greeting us.

a little reality check too - my brother pete arrived home from south america yesterday and as I phoned today mum, dad and brother dave were at home with him having roast dinner - I felt far away just in sheffield! also my granny is in hospital, she had heart pains last night and has low blood oxygen, although ECG's put her heart in the clear. another reminder that when things happen, I will be on the other side of the world. please pray for my granny, she's a really really amazing person and I love her very much.


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