Thursday, July 28, 2005

my first bollywood experience

first of all, just have to say how much it's raining - cats and dogs all day! so much so I made a skirt so that when I went out I wouldn't be dragging overly long trouser ends through the streams, soaking water half way up my legs. it really is wet.

so, went to the cinema last night and saw viruddh, an indian film with english subtitles. this was my first bollywood film, and the old couple comedy nagging, beautiful young women, dashing young hero, singing, sparkling special effects, virtual add-break product placement and hilarious fight scenes (no real hitting and in fast forward) was really some experience. but it was only half of it. the other half was just being there in the cinema. I was the only white person in there - with sovce, but she has dark hair and a great tan at the moment. the rest of the audience were all indian, from skinny little girls to bustling sari'ed flowery perfumed grannies. we were a little late, but people just kept on arriving, chatting, making loud comments, laughing at the jokes or odd translation, tutting at the baddies. and then the piece de restantce for me - the intermission! I was about 7 the last time I had one of those! people stretched their legs, chatted to neighbours, found more snacks. it was like being immersed in a scene from one of the books I've read recently - a suitable boy by vikram seth, I loved it. a little piece of india in sheffield's centertainment. the film itself was also really good. the first half was really humourful mainly about this older couple and their amusing ways of keeping eachother in line, but the second half was a complete about turn as their son was killed by a bigwig who'd been bad and they fought for justice. the sound track was amazing, far more emotionally charged than a 'normal' film. particularly a scene where the father goes to the killer's office to get a confession (but you don't know that's what he's doing) - as he's walking there he looks really depressed and hopeless, but the music knocks you out of your seat it's so gripping. so, all in all a fantastic experience and one I'd very glady repeat. watch out though, these sorts of films don't stay in the cinema long - how could they when war of the worlds is playing 12 times a day?!


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