Wednesday, October 19, 2005

my oh my, it's getting a bit busy and stressy trying to oragnise/sell/pack/get rid of all our stuff. I saw uni housemates chantal and jen this weekend and had to say my first proper goodbyes. it made me hug longer when I realised that it really was a proper goodbye with them. it's the first time we've met up together since 2000 (except my wedding, which doesn't really count for obvious reasons) and it was great to see them. chantal only lives 1hr40mins away. strange how close that seems now that I've done it.

we're learning about our differences, fran and I, as we come to pack and go. life is made more frustrating for fran and also for me because he can't lift anything with his shoulder healing after his operation, and I'm a bit behind him in my packing process and I have a bad back at the mo so lifting things is a bit like hard work. we're doing fine anyway, just learning more about ourselves. I can see why moving house is supposed to be the second most stressful thing to do after divorce, ho hum.

so, just in case you didn't catch it, we're auctioning all our possesions finishing the 28th oct, please do go visit and feel free to buy our stuff!


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