Tuesday, June 06, 2006

au revoir redwoods

we leave our lodge tomorrow to spend the last 10 days staying in a spare room - rent went up 250% because of ski season, so we all decided it was time to go! the guys have their exam tomorrow so it's a bit hectic, and I hate packing so haven't done very much yet, but hey-ho! good news - we have 2 people interested in our van which we didn't think we were going to get to sell before leaving but now it looks possible. we go to queenstown on sat 17/sun 18 june and hope to find somewhere to live in the first week! should be an adventure anyway. I'm really excited about going to QT, but sad to leave the friends I've made here. not sure when we'll be able to get on the internet so it might be quiet for a while.

big changes... kind of exciting and daunting and a whole bunch of other things at the same time. we'd really appreciate your prayers, esp for the right house, the right job for me and selling our van. thanks! missing you great people out there... xxx


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