Friday, June 16, 2006

goodbye, farewell...

so we leave methevn tomorrow, and have to make quenstown in one day as sunday has more snow forecast and the mountain passes will become impassable. last night we went to fran's leaving do, and as fate would have it met a couple who we really clicked with... 2 nights before we move 6 hrs away! it did remarkably cheer up my evening to have a non sky diving friend to talk to though - I suddenly felt human again after having an interesting conversation with someone my age! today I had my curry lunch leaving do with all the great women I met here, so it was a good farewll in all. now we just need to get packed and find somewhere to stay tomorrow night when we arrive in QT - we need a place to put our boxes whilst we find a house, so that we can stay in our camper and drive it round to view houses easily. prayers highly appreciated.

ah, and if anyone has some pics from fran and my's sheffield leaving do I'd really appreciate some in emails as we seem to have none. thanks peeps!


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