Monday, July 17, 2006

working girl...

aaah, just had such a funny letter come through the door that my cheeks actually hurt I was so amused. my energy bill came addressed to Mrs Lickelborough! ...which means that when I spelt my name starting with 'M for mother' they must have thought I said 'L for lover'. strange. and amusing. let's hope that mistake doesn't happen too often, or publically!

I finally have some temp work - house keeping. man, my appreciation of the service professions is going way up. all I can say is, people, leave your hotel rooms tidy. don't vomit in sinks, make confetti out of your leaflets or pee all over the floor. it is interesting to see life from a pretty different viewpoint. hopefully I'm going to get an on-going temp job in an office mon-fri 9-5 stylee starting next week, which has potential to become a permanent job or if not really aid my applications by having current clerical work on my cv.

so I'm pooped. earning money, although not a lot. and meeting some nice people. and developing my skills of understanding heavily accented english. oh, and I get free cooked lunch and free part-used toilet rolls and left over groceries from self-catered units. we had pancakes last night with maple syrup...


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