Thursday, March 22, 2007

all a bit kiwi to me

so we might have a house. seems quite nice. we put our application in on tuesday morning. we move out here next wednesday. I called the agent today to find out why we'd not heard yet, being the sole applicants for the house, and it turns out the owner's an aussie who travels a fair bit so may take a while to reply and he's a ski instructor so whilst the agent thinks it's free over winter she's not sure... and I'm thinking why advertise a house for rent when it might be in use in a months time?

the ways of the kiwis might always remain a mystery to me.

UPDATE - friday 23rd - we got the house! so I'll tell you a little about it... old stylee one level house with 2 bedrooms, big living space with wood burner (oh yes!) and 3 walls with floor to ceiling windows looking into the lovely courtyard gardens. furnished. located in fernhill, up a big hill the other side to town we're at now, a stones throw from some really nice church people including the small group we tried last night & liked. oh, and a dairy (corner shop) just down the road in case we run outta milk. pictures will follow once we've moved in and jazzed up the place! thanks for praying :)


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