Thursday, March 08, 2007

oh, sweet music

as fran and I sat for a 'pat on the back' coffee in our favorite funky queenstown restaurant, vudu, 'come pick me up' by ryan adams started playing in the background and my soul was transported to a beautiful achey place as I remembered music loved and lost. lost thanks to trying to move our i-tunes music onto a different drive. a fair while ago. but just recently I've been remembering all the beauty of those tunes we lost. ryan adams. kate rusby. ed harcourt. and many more, not to mention a veritable collection of praise music and randomly downloaded songs that just make my heart sing. alas, no more!

in my loss I have turned to youtube. it lets me hear a full version of a song, allbeit sometimes a wobbly out of tune live version. I get to be fascinated by music videos. it also however breaks my sweet illusion that the red hot chili peppers are my personal discovery, making music just for me.

music just picks me up, spins me round a zillion degrees and puts me back down in an amazing and different place. and I'm silly enough to forget that sometimes.

anyone want to make me a disc of (mp3) music that will cheer my soul? offers kindly accepted at 2/507 frankton road, queenstown 9300. and in return I shall recommend you some NZ beauties: goldenhorse - to make your soul a little lighter and maybe make you want to dance; bic runga - nice female vocalist who wears a dress full of light; and evermore - they probably made it off the island, j'aime 'running'.


Blogger Keith United said...

Hi Jen, hope you're both well down there, and the weather is beautiful.

rather odd link, but i was having a drink with Steve Ward the other night and telling him about an arts conference i've just been at, and he thought you'd want to know about it. a few of us - including Kate Pickering - got together in London to talk about forming Christian community in the world of the arts, rather than evangelising to, or doing mission in the arts. we were based at a great church just behind Harrods called Intermission, and various people were there. we're putting together something to remember the time by, and to see what God was doing in it - i could send you a copy if you want.

anyway, also i know a guy called Richard Robinson who is an artist and god fearer in NZ, website is if you want to get in touch with another artist down there.

my e-mail is if you want to get in touch about it.

ta, and god bless,


Friday, March 09, 2007 2:57:00 am  
Blogger Keith United said...

oh, hugh monro is my personal music guru. we've bought 5 albums off his most recent compilation! the dude is amazing at finding greaet music. warmly recommended is:
the album leaf
modest mouse
lisa papineau
and of course Ryan Admas 29, but thats not on Hugh's cd!

Friday, March 09, 2007 3:01:00 am  
Anonymous cathers said...

Hey - I've just put a CD together to educate my church - and to stop the 'who?', 'never heard of 'em' looks I get when i tell people what gigs I'm off to etc....will pop it in the post - am sure you'll have heard of all of them - but you might just appreciate the free music if you really have lost all your itunes - what a nightmare I couldn't imagine anything worse!

Saturday, March 10, 2007 2:51:00 am  

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