Friday, September 22, 2006

only in new zealand

here's this week's local paper.... ah, new zealand media is great! this article's about the bush fire we had in the last week (see post below). regularly on the main news do we hear reporters saying 'bugger' and once we even had 'ugly bastards'. being PC just isn't a much of an issue here. on a kind of 'if you can't take it, don't watch it' basis. also quite nice is that cause there's only 4 million people here, the news just isn't that bad all too often. last week on the headline bulletin between programmes the 4th item was that someone who got shipwrecked's collie dog had made it safe to dry land too. aaaah. then there was the fish farm that broke free of it's moorings disrupting the inter-islander ferry - worthy of a 20 minute expose apparently. makes you smile.

pampas grass haloed in setting sunlight

so we need skype people. if you want to talk to us, or use instant messaging, get skype. it's free to call other skype users. I was just in the middle of a call to pol in christchurch when bea and andy in sheffield called and then we made a conference call with ant too. flippin fantastic. skype church has started! I like it.

cotton wool bud blossom


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smashing to see stuff is working out for you both :-)
Got skype butit dont like dial up BOOHOO see if I can sort it :-) !!!!
Speak soon

Stephen and TRacey

Sunday, September 24, 2006 6:01:00 am  

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