Sunday, August 20, 2006

ginger trees

but first a quick prayer request - for my health. I got a bit of the flu last week and a cold to go with it this weekend and I'm just shattered and really don't want to get sick the way I was back in the UK again. thanks :)

now let me show you my trees...

for me one of the most striking things about being here in the winter has been the trees - I think they're willow - they have the most beautiful and amazing rusty orange glow in the sunlight, often offset against bluey purple mountains. it's so stunning, and really widening my appreciation of winter colour palettes.

blossom that's just come out next to the lake on my way to work. remarkables mountains in background.

pink trees. what else is there to say?

the bathhouse restaurant by the lakeshore, coffee with an amazing view! I also loved how the spotty black and white silver birch trunks lined up. I love my new camera.


Blogger Derek and Amy said...

your sense of what is at the essence of a scene is inspiring! there is something about seeing as we are seen--so God must see you with the same meticulous passion with which you see His creation!!
nice to see what you see!
we love you absurd amounts, and pray you receive all He has each day down there!
Sir chapman

Sunday, August 27, 2006 12:24:00 pm  

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