Sunday, September 03, 2006

suncream season starts

today I may have finally made progress on finding friends in queenstown! I felt like I was meant to go to the bapitsist church today, so plucked up the courage to go on my own (necessary on pmt day!) and I really liked the church. first impression was lots of young adults - always a good sign. actual welcome wasn't so great, I had to introduce myself and was just feeling a bit wibbly, but I met some nice people and christine & blair invited me back to their's for a BBQ. the weather was beeauuutiful - sunny and warm, hence the suncream - and the location stunning, by far the beast I've seen around here. I got to chat to lots of nice people, I think it may be the church for us. also a good sign is blair's 'testosterone ministry' which in a fortnight's time involves and fire/BBQ and 'blowing stuff up'. I like men doing their thing. so that all looks promising.

cartwheel at millbrook resort - holiday village for the rich and famous

and on more of a what we're doing in life level, that feel like we're finding our way too. fran getting the packing job at NZONE means he'll be earning enough to support us both with a wee bit spare. when I finished at the real estate place I was asking god what I was meant to be doing and really felt that it was art. now don't get all clever with me and say you always knew that(!) just clicked for me in a new way and I felt really able to embrace it and extremely endorsed by my fabulous husband to follow that path. so that's what I'm going to be doing, whatever that looks like! I'd like a part time job too, and as previously mentioned options include a local fashion designer and a local outdoors place, the latter of which I'm favouring more at the moment. it felt like finding people was an important part of deciding to do art as it's an unsocial job and I'm an extrovert girl, so I'm really glad for today's development.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEEHHAAAA for meeting nice people and BLOWING STUFF UP in the near future ;-) Also congrats on needing sun cream!!!!

Yours on the sofa


(A rose between two thorns........ owwww, Oi GET off..erkk..)

STAY DOWN PUNK "kick him again sovce!!!"


Monday, September 04, 2006 9:00:00 am  

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